Hogs v. Mizzou - its not going to happen,

but IMO our only chance to win tomorrow is if Kelly is the QB.

Austin Allen is the Sr & will start & play the whole game barrring injury. Not sure if Kelly gives us that much more of a chance. Just coming back from suspension.
I just wonder if the defense will show up & try just a little.

No, the defense has not played in at least 2 yrs. Why would they start now?

I’m going to the game.
I really don’t know, I guess because I truly love my hogs.
I know how the game will go, I think we all do, whether you admit it or not.

Not sure how long I’ll stay, but my rear end will be there for atleast the first half.

Looking forward to better times, with hope!
This fan base has no hope to cling to right now.
Injuries or not the team should not be this bad in a 5th year of a coach. The team was really bad even when they were healthy.

There’s always next year, I guess.

I hope we worked all week on blitz packages to get to Lock , cut the head off … WPS

I hope the Seniors have a good game. It would be great to see Austin have a big day, David Willams have a big day and Josh Liddel get a pick 6. Plus all the other seniors. They deserve it.

There is always hope.