Hogs up to No. 37 in ESPN rankings

They were No. 48 last week. Not sure where they’ll be after St. John and Hornsby sign.

We are listed as the “biggest mover”

Makes sense since most were done with their classes and Arkansas will end up adding 12.

listened to Barton Simmons who conveniently ignored the Pittman accomplishments because the host wanted to know what he foresaw for Lane K. Mentioned old guys at NC and AZ as still having recruiting chops. Did emphasize that all coaches starting after December signing day were functionally totally hosed and hopeless. Despite Clay’s admonition there are a few surprises left today and I know TN is not getting nor is anyone else a 5 star RB that they thought they had in the bag, Zach Evans. Kid still has one OV left and is not signing before March. Interesting year with the portal possibilities still in play. Nolan should sell his lecture on the numbers will work out.

Cannot believe that GA is not #1, pretty much consensus that is where they belong and are riding a long stretch of recruiting bounty by at least 3 consecutive years.

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This is a huge accomplishment for Coach Pittman and Coach Odom. They did this together. How high will they finish.

We are 29th with 20 signees currently. Mississippi State is 25th with 25 signees and Ole Miss is 39th with 18 signees. We are like George Jefferson…movin on up.

That’s without being able to count grand transfers.

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