Hogs up to a 6 seed at Bracket Matrix

Comfortably moving past Rutgers after the Knights lost to Michigan Thursday night.

But there’s still one clueless guy who doesn’t have them on his bracket. Of course the same guy hasn’t done an update since Monday; maybe he’ll come around next Monday. The worst seed by someone who does have us on the bracket is 10 (also updated Monday). Oh yeah, and Andy Katz also has us as a 10, updated Tuesday. On the other end, the same guy who’s had us as a 2 seed for a while still does, and another guy moved us up to a 3 yesterday.

SEC teams: Bama 2 seed, Tennessee 4, Misery and Arkansas are both 6, Florida and LSU 8, OM and UK receiving votes but not many. And St. John’s is between OM and UK in the receiving votes category.

Tennessee is incredibly overvalued by all of the bracketologist.
They have 1 win out of conference over Kansas which isn’t that impressive a victory this year.
Another win over a not very good Cincinnati team this season.
They just got hammered at home by Kentucky, let’s see how many spots they fall.

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