Hogs up to 7th in The Athletic poll

Pay Wall

They note:

A reminder that teams can move up after a loss or move down after a win. Teams can get jumped spimply [sic] because someone else had a more impressive win. They can also be impacted when a previous win or loss looks better or worse with more results The rankings will solidify more once everyone plays a quality opponent. Head-to-head won’t be the sole factor as the year goes on, simply because it can’t be, but it is emphasized heavily early in the year and works as a tiebreaker between close teams.

And BYU is #11 in their poll as well.

The guy who does the 131 is a Group of 5 guy and typically takes shots at the SEC every chance he gets, so positive pub is a little surprising. IIRC we were #20 or so last week.