Hogs up to 5 seed on ESPN

Just updated this morning. 5 seed vs 12 seed Wichita St. The 4 seed is the Kansas Jayhawks. The 1 seed would loom next, and Ohio St. is in that spot for our part of the bracket.

The 6 seed would beat that part of the bracket. This is a lot better than our normal 8/9 seed we had so many times. There may be hope to win out and then impress in Nashville and make it to the 3 seed I hope!
The 4/5 seed line sets up the possible matchup with a 1 seed in the sweet 16.
This would be a great chance in that situation to beat Kansas!

Up to a #3 seed in CBS/Jerry Palm which seems like an outlier but I’ll take it.

Yep, a 3 in the Michigan bracket with Palm.

Oh, and we’re a 5 in Bracket Matrix this morning. Which does not reflect Palm moving us up to a 3; we were a 6 in his last bracket. Tennessee is also a 5 in the Matrix. But we’d have to move up like 130 lines total to get to a 4.

I see two other people who have us as a 3 on the Matrix and three or four 8s. The average is 5.48 which is 20th best, so that makes us a 5. Bracketville, which supposedly is the most accurate bracket year in and year out, hasn’t updated since the Alabama game; hasn’t updated since Monday; we’re still a 6 there.

Lunardi said on Twitter last night that if we beat LSU and SoCar we’d be a 4 with him.

I would love, love, love, to have prairie chickens in the round of 32, then Tattoo U. I’d like our chances, and I would just love to tattoo both of them.


not bracketology, but Warren Nolan has us ranked to be minimum #5 seed:

Actually, #22 NET would be a 6. If they used NET that way, which they don’t.

BPI has us as a 3.7 point favorite over SAO, 9.0 over the Poultry, and 15.6 over TAM. I’d take that and run right now, although I hope the LSU game isn’t that close.

I don’t want see the LSU game come down to the last few minutes. I hope our hogs have a big lead coming done the stretch.
The S. Carolina game worries me. They have found ways in the past to beat our hogs when they weren’t suppose to.
By this time next week we will have a pretty good idea where our hogs should be placed in the dance. Maybe Saturday afternoon.

Series record with the Chickens is 20-15 in our favor; they’ve never won more than two in a row against us (and they’ve won 2 in a row now). So it’s our turn.

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