Hogs up to #3 in D1 poll


How did Stanford stay at #2?

Baseball America Top 25

Lost a road series to a ranked team. Same way we stayed in the top 10 after losing at Florida and the Rebnecks.

They lost to the 21st ranked team and did not drop even 1 spot…We lost to two top 5 teams and dropped each time I believe. Not the same things…

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … urn-sweep/

Hogs made a five-spot jump to No. 3 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, which is the poll we go by.

Well, remember, it’s not just what they did, but what other teams did. Florida also lost one game to unranked Tenn., so there was no pressure to move UF ahead of them. We moved up, but with two series losses the two weeks before this, I’d be hard-pressed to say we should pass them. Regardless, I’m not too worried about rankings in baseball, even though they’re fun to follow & it’s nice to be respected. The key to me is to be ranked highly enough at the end of the season to get a national seed. Well, maybe not the key, but that’s my goal before we get to post season play.

I think at this point we’d really have to go in the tank not to host a regional, and in a couple of weeks it might take a tank to miss hosting a super. Could those things happen? Sure, but better than worrying into the SEC tournament last year whether we’d get to host, and certainly better than worrying about whether we’d miss the NCAAT entirely. Boyd’s World’s RPI Needs Report says we should be top 8 RPI (and thus a likely super host) if we go 9-5 at home and 5-4 on the road from here on, something like that.