Hogs up to 13th in Pomeroy

Scoring 101 and winning a road game by 28 will help your numbers.

We scored 101 on 83 possessions. That’s 1.21 points per possession. Which will win just about every time.

There’s just so much to say about that. First, a remarkable game by Smith sans Williams. He had to play without fouling, and succeeded on the road…and made some marvelous shots. JD…impressive, too. And 15 made 3’s…and Moses with 29 points and 0 turnovers. Wow.

I noticed shortly after I posted that that Michigan had averaged 1.21 PPP adjusted offense per Pomeroy (we’re at about 1.13). Which is why they’re a 1 seed. I also noticed that in the midst of the Wolvies getting absolutely drilled by Illinois, which dropped their average down to 1.20. That’s only sixth best in the country.

Ten days ago somebody wrote that we’re not elite at anything and pretty good at everything, Well… our Pomeroy defensive rating has improved to 13th in the country at 0.89. Offensive rating is 26th, pretty good but not quite elite.

Gonzaga? 1.26 PPP. Which is why they’ve won 21 straight by double figures, and not all of those against weak WCC teams.

A similarity between us and Illinois. We both went on the road tonight missing a key player and won easily. But Jaylin, as good as he is, isn’t Ayo Dosunmu. And the Illini crushed Michigan without him.

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