Hogs up 2-1 in SEC soccer semis

Took a 2-0 lead on goals by Stefani Doyle and Anna Podojil, Florida pulled back a goal on a penalty kick. Inside the last 20 minutes.

Now 3-1. Podojil intercepted a Florida pass, goalkeeper was out of the net and Anna put it past her from about 25 yards.

Parker Goins injured her knee with about 10 minutes left. Doesn’t look good.

Colby Hale got a yellow card with 7 minutes left. The soccer equivalent of getting T’d up in basketball.

3-1 final, takes on the Vandy-SoCar winner Sunday afternoon in the SECT final.

Semi-related note: Hogs were 5th in RPI Monday. It’s not too implausible to think, with a decisive win over UNC on the resume, that the committee could give Arkansas a top-4 seed which would mean up to four home games before the College Cup. Winning Sunday would certainly help. Almost certainly a top-8 seed which would mean three games at Razorback Field though.

Three of the top four RPI are in the ACC semis, so two of them will lose. May not help enough to improve our RPI though.

I’m kind of torn, I think playing Vandy would be a better matchup, but I think to get that Top 4 RPI we need to play USCe. I’m worried about USCe, they look like they match up better, but we could also avenge the loss

Parker is fine. She will play Sunday.


I had forgotten how rough soccer is. Both teams had players who got hurt!

It looks like a rematch with the Poultry will be a good one! Pay back would be nice but searing for the NCAA tournament can get a boost with a win.

Here’s another example of a sport in the athletic department that’s winning and doing well and hardly anyone notices!

Women’s CC is No. 1; women’s soccer is No. 6; women’s basketball is No. 22.

Lloyd that’s a good start!

So, I’m wondering why there is no “Women’s” board herein…especially since the Men’s football board, er topics, stinks these days?

I’ve wondered that before (Women’s sports board), they definitely are worth talking about.

There’s not enough traffic or interest for a separate women’s board, or for the other 15 sports. Football board takes most of them by default, women’s hoops goes on the hoops board, softball goes on the baseball board.