Hogs unveil new lockers for football


Very Nice - In fact its over the top fashionable - looks like a Chromed Sports car

Do you know if they kept Brandon Burlsworth’s Locker in place or did it get moved?

I hope it got moved, because the locker room Brandon used no longer exists. Did they put it in the new locker room? I have no idea.

The Locker for Brandon Burlsworth will be built in the new museum. The family suggested that it might look better in a place where everyone could see it. It’s not finished yet. I believe that will happen sometime this summer.

I hope that company’s logo isn’t on them anywhere. Could we not have found somebody else???

I read that the original locker was in bad shape and that it was not salvageable. I’m glad that they will put up an even better locker in the museum.

Those old locker rooms that had been saved was particle board. It was a piece of junk. I think everyone will like how this project turns out.

Hopefully new lockers will lead to better blockers.