Hogs try to add another from Alabama school

The Razorbacks currently sit at #44 nationally and #13 in the SEC for 2020 recruiting rankings.
I don’t know if we will fall below Vanderbilt in this recruiting ranking when all is said and done, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we slide further down the national rankings with yesterday’s performance.
Recruiting outlook doesn’t appear to headed in the right direction at this point which just means more lean football seasons ahead. I wish it weren’t the case, but these are the facts.

Go Hogs!

Could be, but this kid chose to commit to Arkansas after watching the game.

What the Hey…don’t he know Coach Chad is History!? :upside_down_face:

Like saying the game is over at Halftime…it ain’t!

It ain’t over till it’s…well that day in February.:sunglasses:

You are aware there is a signing period in December?

Very aware of early signing, but it ain’t over till February. My bad if this is meant for the
OP. :upside_down_face:

Whole bunch of signees will wait till that 1st week in Feb. :sunglasses: