Hogs toying w/ expanded role for Williams

Pulling bits and pieces of the Denver Nuggets’ offense that features 6-11 point-forward Nikola Jokic and implementing them with Jaylin Williams (5 assists vs. Mercer) is something Eric Musselman said Wednesday that he is toying around with. More:


Jaylin’s earned a starter role imo. Team is better when he’s on the floor.

Curious that Muss would say he doesn’t know who other 4 starters would be.

JD put up 30 last nite. Don’t win the game last nite w/o every single one of those pts. He’s put in the work for 2+ years and has more than earned his starting spot.

I think it’s safe to speculate that Toney will join JD and Jaylin in the starting lineup against G-W.

Umude and KK need to step up and take ownership of those last 2 starting spots.

I don’t like Lykes as the starting PG. Much prefer him coming off the bench to bring scoring punch, much like Notae’s role last season.


Interesting. I’m not sure I see that. He’s just not a scorer, and needs to be. Overall, we’re slow in the paint.

Rebounds, passes, defends the rim, hustles his tail off

More to basketball than just scoring


Jwill and Devo will start every game period.


At this point, it doesn’t look like Devo, JWill, or KK will be leaving for the pros after this season, and that makes me very happy. Muss will have a strong foundation for next year when he adds the 5 stars. As I have stated in previous posts, I truly believe KK is the key toTHIS season.

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I think Devo would help the team more if he was coming off the bench, again as an offensive/defensive spark. But I’m bsure Muss has other ideas though.

Not happening. He will log the most minutes. He’s so valuable on the floor.

We are one game in talking about next year? Really? SMH.

There was zero chance of KK going pro after this year. In fact I think KK stays all four years. I don’t see NBA in him yet. Want to see if he can score.

There was a 25% chance of Devo going pro. Maybe you were frustrated, but surely one game is too early to tell. However, I will say this about Devo. The word was that he worked relentlessly in the off-season on his jumper and he doesn’t take a single shot. Didn’t even look like he was looking for a shot. That was strange.

There was a 50% chance of JWill going pro. If he comes back, that could mean he did not have a good season. That is not a news I want to celebrate since JWill is the only serviceable big man we have (Vanover notwithstanding).

My hope is JWill has an outstanding season and he chooses whether to go pro or not. If JWill leaves, I have no doubt Muss will pick up a quality big in the transfer portal. I think having JWill on the roster and Muss having a relatively smaller rotation is what kept us from landing a big man in class of 2021 and so far in class of 2022.

I was not frustrated in the least. I expect Devo to have a great season. My only point was that, with the exception of the grad transfers, I don’t anticipate anybody else leaving…hence the statement about building a solid foundation. Next year will be year 4 for Muss. I’m sure he would like to get to the point of not having to bring in a virtually new team every year. Obviously just my opinion, but continuity is great thing to have when you are trying to build a perennial contender.

JWill has shown that he is not Dikembe Mutombo. Therefore, he must develop an offensive game - in the paint, which I haven’t seen. I wonder about what the “expanded role” means.

Thought I explained it in the original post. Musselman is considering having more offense flow through and around Jaylin because of his vision and passing ability.

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