Hogs to wear 1994 replica uniforms for Ole Miss game

Look pretty good to me. :smiley:


Wished we were playing like that 94 team.


Those were the days, wish we had as many grown men on this roster that we had in 1994.

Go Hogs!


Because this is the 25th anniversary of that 1994 National Championship. If you say “why the Ole Miss game?”, probably because it just happens to be the last Saturday (big crowd hoped for) home game of the season.

Watching the Marty & McGee show yesterday, they began discussing the return of shorter shorts in basketball. Then they discussed past trends. The example they gave of the longest shorts ever was Scottie Thurman.

Pre John White uniforms. The Grim Reaper of Razorback basketball…men’s and women’s.

Nolan fired himself in that interview room in Lexington. You want to blame JW for running off Gary Blair, go right ahead.

Thanks. My q was why Ole Miss as if they were significant to 1994, which they weren’t.

I believe they also plan a 25th anniversary reunion of the 1994 players that day. It would normally be senior day, but we have no seniors, so…

That day/game strikes me as a good time to name “Nolan Richardson Court.”

I suspect if that was going to happen, it would have been announced or at least leaked by now.

While I think it’s great that they are honoring the NC team of 1994, I never liked that uni. That asymmetrical look always drove me nuts. Some would say that’s a short drive, but that is probably my least favorite Arkansas basketball uniform ever.

I’m sure you’re right. I wasn’t so much predicting it as I was making the observation that it would be a good time. Of course, in my view it’s past time.