Hogs to play Kansas in Liberty Bowl?

…Which could be dubbed the “Les Miles Bowl”…(Kansas vs. R-Kansas)


The Liberty has been the bowl that I’ve thought for a few weeks Arkansas would play in. We’ll see if that works out, but the Liberty had a representative at three Razorback games during the month of November. You can usually get a feel for how a bowl feels about a team by how many times its reps make trips to see it play. If nothing else, it shows the Liberty has a lot of interest in Arkansas.

Based on the Big 12’s bowl selection process, it would likely be one of that league’s 6-6 teams that get invited — Oklahoma, Kansas or Baylor.

New Mexico State got a bowl waiver due to losing its 12th game when a San Jose State player died in a traffic accident, and tried but failed to find another FBS team willing to play them this week. Also Buffalo got its sixth win against Akron, which officially eliminated Auburn from bowl eligibility. NMSU is the only 5-win team going to a bowl this year.

As for Misery saying they didn’t want to play the Prairie Chickens?

“A 6-6 team dictating who they don’t want to play in a bowl?” an industry source said. “What a world. What a world.”

IMO Liberty will always have interest in an eligible Arkansas team because we’ll buy tickets and show up.

I remember Steve Ehrhardt, the Liberty Bowl executive director, telling me seven years ago that, “Arkansas is basically part of the Mid-South and part of Memphis.” They love the crowds Arkansas brings.


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