Hogs to face OSU (and Roc Riggio) again soon

As many will remember, it was announced back in January that Arkansas will be in next year’s State Farm College Baseball Showdown in Arlington. The Hogs are scheduled to play Texas, TCU, and Oklahoma State.

The exact dates haven’t been announced yet, but I would think it will be in February just like the first two events in Arlington have been. (It was opening weekend when we went to last year’s inaugural event. They played the second weekend of the season this year.)

Note: Arkansas will also play Oklahoma State in Arlington in the 2024 Showdown, along with Michigan and Oregon State.

I’d really encourage Hogs fans who are interested to keep this in mind. It would be fantastic to have thousands of Hog fans descend on Globe Life for these events. It’s awesome to play at a major league ballpark, and tickets should be more plentiful (and cheaper) than going somewhere like Omaha. Great baseball, too.


The beauty of that is that even if OSU were to win, it wouldn’t make up for getting beat in their regional of the NCAA. It’s nice to win in February, but it’s really big to win in June.


Well I doubt he starts to season on fire the way he ended this one remember he came into the regional only hitting 271. We just caught him at his very best, not to say that he’s not a great player, but he was just out of his mind good that weekend.

Went to this event last year and it was a thousand ways of awesome

Hog fans own DFW


The 2021 tournament was great, lots of good teams. Playing in a MLB indoor park is the way to go in February.

Any chance Riggio gets drafted? With the exception of one massive strikeout, he was pretty clutch through the whole regional.

You have to be 21 within 45 days of the draft. Twink isn’t old enough to be drafted so we will see him again next year.

I say he enters the transfer portal and goes back to the Long Beach State Dirtbags. That’s where he belongs.

It will be good to see him on his knees again…

I ran into an OSU fan today who was tending bar at a brewery in Red River, New Mexico… She saw Mrs. Buzzard’s bowl shirt and asked if we were Hog fans… She said she was an OSU grad and then sighed a little and said “Youl sure have a good baseball team.” I just smiled and said thankyou.

It will be interesting to see how intense the game is next February. Based on two years ago there will be twice as many Hog fans there as anyone else.

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Arkansas-Texas legitimately might come close to filling Globe Life Field.

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