Hogs' terrific defense in the 4th qtr

I went back and looked at each play in the 4th qtr, and the Hogs’ defense was nothing short of amazing. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. LA Tech got only 12 plays in the 4th qtr and 2 of those were kicks.
  2. 3 running plays for 17 yards.
  3. 2-6 passing for 14 yards
  4. 1 sack for -10 yards (the 3rd qtr also ended on a sack for -5 yards)
  5. Net total of 21 yards in the quarter.

In the 4th qtr, the Hogs’ corners played mostly press on the WRs, while the safety played off the slot receiver.

If the Hogs’ D can duplicate their 4th quarter defensive effort for most of the TCU game, the Hogs will come home with a win.

…finishing strong in the fourth quarter is a big step for the early season at Arkansas. We will need to do the same this weekend to have a chance at TCU.

Tackling was not perfect in the fourth quarter. There was one tackle missed that allowed a first down. That was just a missed tackle, not a great play by the receiver.

Regarding the missed tackle, I thought Coley did was he has been prone to do…load up to deliver a blow and not wrap up.