Hogs @ Tennessee

Looking a lot like the first half of the year for us. Terrible defense, no offense. Not guarding the three pointer at all, terrible shot selection on our end, no ball movement, and Lykes getting waaaay too much playing time. I don’t want to see lykes make one more dang turnover or disappearing act on defense. I’ve seen enough all year not expecting it to change here at the last game of the year. I’d honestly rather see Jackson robinson running the point than Lykes.

Getting close to ugly already. Man Tenn is on fire with the 3 ball

Gotta hope UT falls in love with the 3 and then they cool off

Tenn is 6-7, 85%, from three. If they keep that up I don’t see how any team can overcome it.

Yeah and we’re not getting good ball movements just letting one man try to beat them is not going to work

Let’s go big!! Where is Kamani? Notae and Umude are the only guards that came to play today, let devo come in for relief when they need a breather or foul trouble. Other wise let’s go big. All year our big guys have proved they can play better defense and take care of the ball.

Oh, we’ll make a run or two alright, but if they keep adding to this lead it’ll makes those runs more difficult

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Kimani been out to the last 3 or 4 minutes

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How much will a blow out hurt our net rating??

This is a nightmare we’re fixing to get blown out of here

You haven’t watched this team the last 15 games. It won’t be a blow out. Come on.

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Geeze we can’t do anything & JWill gets his 2nd foul

It will settle down and Tennessee will have a cold snap.

Get it over and get out

Total mismatch for a lot of reasons

Won’t mean anything later on

Defense is just plain awful right now. Just look confused and slow

Well we knew we weren’t going to get any charge calls after barnes sissy fit he’s gone the rest of the half… we look like crap

Routed so far. Both offense and defense look like we’re pressing

Let’s see what KK can do

Referee didn’t want to hear anything muss was talking about looks like they’ve got their mind made up to not give us nothing today…

Guess that net algorithm knew a thing or two after all, this team looks suspiciously similar to the team that lost to Hofstra and Vandy…
I’m also thinking that Jaylin getting every single questionable collision called in his favor at bud Walton has not instilled the best habits for tournament time on neutral courts