Hogs @ Tennessee

Well it almost tip off and time to settle in and enjoy another stressful game!
No matter what happens our hogs have had one heck of a season. Go Hogs.

J will a foul -10 seconds into the game

Toney not starting… is he hurt?

Where is toney?

Devo started in Toneys place I think

Turned his ankle in the LSU game. May not play, saving him for SEC Tourney.

Smart. Agree with that. Not saying we can’t win this game, but it is going to be tough. And there’s no way Auburn loses to South Carolina today.

Well without him it’s going to be incredibly hard to win this game.

Agree with that plan on Toney. But that’s gonna hinder us tonight.

Defense sucks so far we better pick it up or it’s going to get ugly

Man they are shooting lights out. Surely can’t last.

Won’t last.

The Vols will cool off from 3. The hogs defense isn’t the same without Toney.
It’s still fine. Our hogs will make a run.

Tough hill to climb today without Toney

And if they shoot like this we got no chance

Where we really miss Tony’s on defense

Surely they can’t keep this up in threes!

Defense and his offensive rebounding and cutting to the rim.

Woops. I’m repeating other observations

6 3’s so far… and we’re not getting good shots. This is not looking very good at all