Hogs Team Picture

I don’t ever remember seeing so many coaches and student managers for the Hog basketball team. They outnumber players 17-15.

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Connor has to be 8 foot tall…lol

I love it! Thanks so much PJ for what you bring to this board. Muss is all in as our coach! That’s a great team photo. It’s the best I’ve seen in a long time!


On our trip to NWA in September I drove through campus and saw Connor. They only person I’ve seen in person taller than him was Manute Bol. Saw Manute in the LR airport years ago.


Vance Jackson (#2) certainly looks like an SEC power forward. Listed at 6’9", 240 now and appears chiseled. It looks like he’s been hitting the weight room since he’s arrived here.

Met Kareem at the Times Square when he was Lew Alcindor and saw Connor plenty here in Little Rock. Connor is listed an inch taller. Also met Artis Gilmore in Sarasota, Florida. Believe these are the tallest people I have met.

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This is a historical picture. It has the tallest player ever for the Hogs and the shortest coach ever.

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Connor’s eyes are taller than Jaylin’s fro!


Just curious, PJ, how old are you? You actually met Kareem before he was Kareem? I need to remember to respect my elders next time I argue with you, lol. Kidding, of course, my friend.:sunglasses:

Became Medicare eligible a few years ago. Cheers.

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I love that little guy holding the ball…

The walk on Bryson Morehead is listed as 6’8 and 160 lbs. That approaches my high school skinniness. I was 84 lbs going into the 10th grade, but made it to 6’0 and 113 lbs on my HS graduation day. :smile:

Who is the coach wearing glasses standing behind Connor’s #23 left shoulder?

Ain’t that young Mr Garland?

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