Hogs take a big jump in the CBS pre season poll

Not as big as in the other one on the board, but 8th. Still behind Bama (3rd) though.

This says we are adding four double digit scorers from transfer market, not 3 as we know it. Is that a typo?

Maybe he’s including Kamani?

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You are right. Keep forgetting about him.

Yeah, I do too. With this year’s portal being fresh, I think we all kinda put the existing transfer(s) from last year on the back burner. This is kind of a “what’s going on right now” world.

We probably all need to pay more attention to Kamani. Especially due to a few things we’ve heard from Muss about practice with Kamani. He may actually be a big contributor next season. I know you’ve seen him a lot and I haven’t, but it sounds like he could be a beast on the boards.

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