Hogs take 1-0 lead in softball

Linnie Malkin with a double off the centerfield fence in the second inning, Aly Manzo drove her home with a single to left. Manhattan has one infield hit off Mary Haff through two innings.

Looking good so far.

3-0 after three. Loaded the bases, Hannah Gammill with a sac fly, Malkin with an RBI single.

That Umpire takes forever to call a strike.

5-0, bottom 5th

I noticed that, kind of annoying.

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She calls it quickly, kinda a high pitched “whoo hooo”. Then she raises her hand to show strike.

Btw, 8 run rule. We won

Yep, two-run walkoff double to get the run rule win.

Oh ok, I was wondering and it looked like hitters had to wait on the call.

Thanks Swine…I went to do something for my kids and came back to office desk and Paul Swinebaum was on and I was like…what the heck? Thought maybe a rain delay.

Women’s softball umps do that a lot. They yell it, but raise up and then signal strikes. Just the way that game is handled.

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South Dakota State beat Stanford 7-1. Hogs play SDS tomorrow.

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