Hogs T-12th in NCAA men's golf

Shot +7 today at Scottsdale, AZ. Manuel Lozada shot -1 but we had to count a +4. Texas Tech leads at -4. Top eight teams after 54 holes go into match play. We’re three shots out of the top 8, which you can certainly make up. Hogs teed off early (like 6:30 am local time) and played with Texas Tech and San Diego State. Tomorrow we’ll tee off around 2 pm Arkansas time, again with TT and SDSU.

We were 20th in mid-afternoon but later scores moved us up. And some teams are still on the course so things may change before the end of the round.

Tied for 10th after completion of the first round, only one shot out of the top 8. TTech still leads. Looks like scores in the morning were a little lower; Hogs will play in the afternoon Saturday,

Almost always the morning scores are better. No wind. Fresh greens. They get the wind (probably) and the bumpy greens (from foot prints) tomorrow.

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