Hogs’ Sweet 16 run

6 out of 7. It is entirely probable that Nolan would have continued this run if the made up Pate-Adebayo story hadn’t intervened.

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Yeah, I think it’s a no-doubter. It might have carried on and eventually tied into what would have been a banner year in 2002 that would have included Igoudala and the PF that transferred to OH St after Nolan was fired. All he did was start 3 years for them.

There is no doubt in my mind that declaring Adebayo and Pate inelgible (and that was the decision made by Frank Broyles) was the beginning of the end for Nolan. I think you would have seen lots of good things happen if they had stayed. Eventually, I think you would have seen Mike Conley and Greg Oden play for the Hogs. That’s probably a stretch, but not if you talk to those who know Mike’s dad, still close to Nolan.

Sullinger, I think was his name.

dont forget about the Sullinger bros. They would have both been here. Well JJ would have never left and his younger bros would have been a beast for us instead of OSU

Let’s not forget Andre Igoudala was on his way here when Nolan was fired. He’ll probably be a NBA Hall of Famer.

Yeah, he’s in my post above Clay’s. 2002 would have been a great year for Hog basketball.

I had just relocated to Germany, thus my screen name, working as a civilian in a clinic on a small post. All of this was going down about then. There was an army medic in the clinic from Mississippi who knew Jesse Pate and was of the opinion that he had no business on a college campus, due to academic aptitude (in so many words). FWIW.

I fear these days academic ability is one of the last considerations. Another reason to get rid of one and done.

Academics won’t suddenly improve if one and done goes away. You’ll just have kids who barely cut it academically and are a little less talented on the court.

And, for the 453rd time, one and done isn’t an NCAA thing, It’s an NBA thing. And the NBA doesn’t really care if the kid can solve a quadratic equation or diagram a sentence. It looked six months ago like one and done would disappear in 2022, but now with the pandemic I have no idea if it’s any kind of a priority for Adam Silver.

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Clay I’ve always been curious, would Nolan have ever made staff changes ?

Also , was Frank really impressed with Bill Shelf and did some talks take place through Houston Nutt?

I have often thought what could have been had coach Richardson stayed … factor in these players as Razorbacks under Nolan… Andre Iguodala, Greg Oden , Mike Conley, the Pressey brothers… wow right!

What could have been!

Good questions. Not sure I know. Doubtful staff changes happened unless someone got a head coaching job.

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