Hogs still a 7 seed at Bracket Matrix

One guy has Arkansas as a 5 seed, three have us as a 10. The one who has us as a 5 has been pretty consistent all year in rating us above most other bracketologists (and as far as I can tell, lives in Illinois; the site has a UIllinois URL). We’re included in all 110 brackets surveyed today, which is more than Mobilehoma can say.

The Matrix still has 8 SEC teams in the field, but Bama would be playing in Dayton if they are correct. LSU is in the Next Four Out.

Still a 7 today, noteworthy because there are now 130 brackets included in the Matrix. Still one 5 seed (same guy), but only two 10s.

BTW, ESPN’s Bubble Watch (not done by Lunardi) moved us into the “lock” category. Misery is “should be in” and Bummer has “work to do”.

Yesterday (Mon), Jerry Palm flat out said on the Finebaum show that Bama was “out” right now, and that they needed to win their first TWO games in the SECT to even be in the legitimate bubble conversation. That is to say, in his opinion, two wins in the SECT does NOT guarantee them a spot by any means.

“Work to do”, indeed.

After last year Vandy getting in I’d be willing to say Bama is fairly safe. Last 10 games shouldn’t matter overall body of work is more important. If the Q-1 and Q-2 wins carry the weight then they should get it before a lot of teams to include mobilehoma (Sooners). I think LSU is the team that has the true chance to use this weeks SEC tournament to get in with 2 wins. The Moo U bunch and Honest Ben need to focus on the NIT. That horrible non conference schedule doomed them!
I hope Bama beats A&M! Sexton being in the Dance sells tickets so he will make an appearance.
Swine what is your thought on LSU?

LSU beat us and TAM but not many others. They may need to get to Sunday to get in. And going in the tank in February isn’t good, which is why Mobilehoma is in trouble as well as the Ocean Scum, NCAA doesn’t worry about selling tickets much, which is good.