Hogs staff preps, bonds at Hideaway Meetings

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Can’t go wrong hanging out at Gastons. I stayed there many times before we became property owners in Baxter County, first in Cotter and then over the last two years when we moved to Norfork. I am not on the river per se. Maybe 800 yards above the middle of the catch and release. You can’t see it through the pines and oaks, but I can hear the gurgling of a couple of shoals. And, I hear boat motors. I couldn’t afford river property. And, I couldn’t afford cleaning up after they get flooded.

I talked to Barry Lunney and Joe Craddock about their fishing. I had a rod rigged in the back of my truck with my size 18 midges. They marveled at fishing something that small. Chad Morris was intrigued, too. He dabbles at fly fishing. And confessed that they threw stick baits and jigs. I told them what they were doing isn’t really sport. They laughed. And then I admitted Louis Campbell and I do the same thing when it’s 15,000 cfs. It is sport, too.

I wrote a column about my summer fishing travels (Montana and Cabo) that will be the outdoor page of the NWADG next week. I’ll get Matt to put it on-line here with some of my pictures. Fishing is over for me for a few weeks with the start of football. I’m not saying I won’t take a day off sometime in late August and try my luck with a fly rod, but for now, it’s work. The good news is that the rivers are running high with heavy generation to lower both Norfork and Bull Shoals Lakes. That’s probably a good thing so that I don’t worry about the fish that I’m not catching.

Spent a day on the water at Cotter not long ago. Beautiful territory, great fishing, and a wonderful opportunity to detox. I could see myself having a small place there to escape to and do some fishing.

Always amazed at the friendly folks who serve tourists like me.

The BBQ place in Gassville is pretty solid. Not BurnCo here in Tulsa, or Buffalo Joe’s in Sperry, but it might be #3 in my book.

We bought some property on Rainbow Landing Dr, in Cotter, and moved in last Sept. we had vacationed here, at this property for five yrs. before moving up from Jax FL.
Absolutely love it here!
Couldn’t hardly wait for my wife to retire so we could get up here.
Absolutely love it!