Hogs' shot chart in Europe

Posted by Muss.

27% from 3. Hope that improves.

I know 3s didn’t fall at a high rate pretty much anywhere on the floor, but I like that they got up 25 corner 3-point attempts and that that number was almost as high as wing 3s.

might have something to do with the ball.

I know you should hit more corner 3s than wing because it’s a shorter shot, but if you shoot it better from the wing… But 4 games is also a very small sample size, in weird gyms with a weird ball.

Hardly matters with the college three point line. We are talking 6 inches. I guess certain position players want to work on that corner shot for the next level. But we should be shooting better from top of the key.

To my surprise, FIBA and the NCAA use the same 3-point arc; the last NCAA change matched it up with the existing international arc. You’re right that the corner 3 is 6 inches shorter.

However, the FIBA court is a tiny bit smaller than the NCAA court – 2.1 feet shorter and about 10 inches narrower. Maybe that explains a few of our turnovers on the trip. Guys are used to 94 X 50, not 91.9 X 49.2.



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