Hogs seeing big target tomorrow

A source at Many, La. HS said Pittman and Scherer will visit in the morning to check on '23 LB Tackett Curtis.

LSU, Michigan State and USC will also be at the school tomorrow.

Stud!! Would be a steal as well.

When I first read this title, I for sure was thinking of MBB and a huge red barn for our shooters to practice hitting.


Go shopping in Many quite often while at the lake - wish I was up there tomorrow, would stake out the HS and try to meet CSP!


That dude is a dentist best friend bc he’s knocking folks teeth out! I know it will be tough to get him out of LA but He would be my top priority at LB for sure

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Honestly I don’t think he sold on LSU whatsoever. When I’ve asked locals about him they think the Hogs (we have a pretty strong presence in the Shreveport region) have a good chance.


That would be awesome… well if you think about it and look how well our linebackers have played. He even mentioned that being a big plus for us.He could come in here and put up huge tackling. numbers

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I believe that Drew Sanders commitment really helps us - I think he would want to play with another stud


Absolutely does!! Good point.

Coach Sam Pittman can speak to a recruit and his family and Brian Kelly can repeat the same thing to the same player and his family a hour later and it won’t sound the same or mean the same. CSP speaks sincerely and with brutal honesty that recruits can relate to it seems. I don’t recall listening to many coaches that spoke before and after games that just flat out told it like it was regardless if they won or lost and remain humble and soft spoken but to the point. WPS


reminds me of the Devin White recruitment, we were in it to the bitter end and it was a part of LA without intense LSU devotion. Many and Farmerville folks frequently came to Ouachita when I was a kid, so I have a strong affinity and like for people from that area. Hope Tucker is the same. Seems like the kid realizes that excepting LSU nothing will be an easy destination for the schools listed as being considered. Scherer probably will be the biggest influencer.


Scherer will be back tomorrow.


This is starting to look really good, huh RD?!! This kid is a player!

I’ve thought very early on Arkansas had a very good shot here. Still believe the same.


My goodness - couple more like Tackett and this maybe finishes a Top 10 class

That is great news RD… He looks like a big-time player…

That’s not saying he’s coming for sure, just that I think they’re in good shape going forward. Would it shock me if he becomes a Hog? Not at all.


Would be absolutely unreal and fantastic for the Hogs! What a class this could end up being….good grief!