Hogs scheduled around Easter this year

Easter has been a great day for the Razorbacks in the past, but not great for attendance. That’s part of why the administration opted to move this weekend’s series up a day: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … nd-easter/

I know that the Pac-12 (11) does not schedule games on Easter nor on Mothers day.

I couldn’t remember which Pac-12 school doesn’t have baseball (it’s Colorado). At one time Oregon didn’t have it either. But after Oregon State won back to back CWS titles about 10 years ago, they decided real quick maybe college baseball in Oregon could work after all.

One Big Ten school doesn’t have baseball as well. It’s Wisconsin, which dropped the sport in 1991 after a 6-22 season. Apparently no one misses it too much.

Attendance last night was something over 4,000. I don’t guess that’s too bad for a Thursday night conference game against one of the lower ranked teams. Hope we top 8k tonight & tomorrow, though.