Hogs schedule in state FB games...


October 2021

August 2024

I’m excited about the Hogs playing my home town team. And it also makes me smile that the Red Wolves will be howling.

Good move HY…

I agree. If we’re going to do it, only do it within the UA system. Screw A-State.

Lawdy lawdy. Please Hunter, don’t throw us to the Lions!

If we ever get good again in football, we may regret this. Say we somehow get in the conversation for a playoff spot in 2021 or 2024 as a non-conference winner, this game will always hurt our SOS. They are not only an FCS team, they are perennially, a bottom 10 team in the FCS. IMO, this is a very bad idea.

The selection committee sees “FCS” and moves on. I’ll guarantee you they don’t have a hierarchy for FCS teams, save for maybe North Dakota State.

I’m more surprised by the news that we scheduled Okie Lite in 2024 than that we scheduled UAPB. When did that happen?

That’s been on the books for a number of months.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … ootball-s/

I’ve been led to believe there might be something else in the works for 2021, which is why the UAPB game was scheduled for that year. Arkansas already had Missouri State - another FCS team - on the schedule as the season opener in '21, but it sounds like that game is moving to another year and there will be a replacement announced soon. I cannot get that officially confirmed at this time.

OK. Completely missed that one but perhaps I was occupied by little details like finding a job.

I don’t agree with it, I bought in years ago to JFB’s position of never playing instate schools.

That said, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

Same here. As long as we’re not playing the Jonesboro Wannabes.

In addition to the usual suspects in the West and Missouri, we will play Texas and an away game with Georgia in 2021, and have a game with Oklahoma State and Kentucky in 2024.
Based on Matt’s hint, the Missouri State game may get replaced with something meatier in 2021, but either way, I doubt having two FCS games will make any difference on whether we make the playoff or not. It sure would be nice to have that kind of a problem.

The playoff isn’t really the concern about playing two FCS games; playoff teams know they can’t play two FCS teams and be a legit national contender.

The more pressing issue is that if you play two FCS teams, you can only count one win toward your bowl eligibility. So you must go 5-5 in the other 10 games to qualify.

All that said, I’m confident that Arkansas is not going to play Missouri State and UAPB in 2021. It’s more likely that the Missouri State game gets moved to one of these other years that Arkansas doesn’t have an FCS team scheduled yet.

As a sports writer, I am all for it.

As a business man, I can see why JFB wasn’t.

It may just be me, but not sure now is the best time to make fun of ASU. Thanks to Bert, Danny Sheridan said if the two teams had played in 2017 on a neutral field ASU would have been a slight favorite. How incompetent do you have to be as an Arkansas HC to construct a team that’s at best a pick em with ASU given the considerable disparity in support and resources between the two schools? Amazing.

Given the on the field embarrassments of 2012 (ULM loss) , 2013, 2017 and 2018 (losses to two non P5 schools) I personally don’t think it’s a good look to disparage ASU or anybody else for that matter. Let’s see the Hogs beat a P5 team or better yet win a conference game before beating our chests too much. To do otherwise is ridiculous.

PS I find it hilarious the same fella that labels me as immature for referring to the former lush/HC as Bert refers to ASU as “Jonesboro Wannabe.” Is it only okay to refer to other schools by 5th grade nicknames and not incompetent goofs masquerading as a HC?:grinning:

I most certainly will not waste money buying those tickets.

Oooops, they’ll be in the season ticket package, won’t they? Durn. I most certainly won’t go, and I won’t be able to sell my tickets. I’ll have to consider not purchasing LR season tix. Will save money that way.

As usual, you completely miss the point. I don’t care how good or bad the Pink Puppies are, or how good or bad we are. I don’t want to play them in anything, ever. Their five rabid fans can go pound sand and cry about how we’re running from them. Ignoring them is what we’re doing.

I got your point - I just think you look childish to disparage another program given how bad this one has been due to the incompetence of your heroes Jeffie and Bert.

There is no question that many sports writers within the state, if they were truthful, would rather see an in-state conference made up of Arkansas, UCA, ASU, UAPB, Henderson, OBU, ATU, and throw a couple more in there, than the Hogs playing an SEC schedule. And, yes, I do believe that. I don’t understand it, but I believe it.

I see nothing “childish” about disparaging or insulting a program. In many ways that’s what sports are about. They’re institutions, they’re not people. It’s an altogether different thing to disparage an individual with an insulting nickname.