Hogs @ S. Carolina

Well the streak of making a 3 is secured early. The hogs are off to a decent start.

But Gafford has committed two silly fouls less than 5 minutes into the game

Really no chance to make a play on either occasion

Don’t know what was going on on that last possession, before the travel, but the ball handler was frantically waving for someone to move to the ball. Wasn’t getting much help.

We get the absolute most stupid fouls I’ve ever seen it’s ridiculous what is Gafford trying to do reaching in like that knowing you already had one foul that these officials are ridiculous you touched and they’re going to call a foul

Especially on a big man against a guard they are blowing the whistle.
Maybe he will settle down in the second half.

They have 15 turnovers and we are only up by 4.wow we should be up 12 to 15 points… need to feed Gafford a lot second-half provide he can stay out of foul trouble

We settled for too many threes, wrong players taking the shots and a bit reckless with the ball. Guess this is part of being young. Really a shame because other than covering the three point shooters for Carolina, the defensive intensity was good.

Not great but not terrible half. Defense has played well enough to help us win this game. Our offense needs to pick it up.

Plus, I’m going to miss the lady in all black in the second half talking trash to our players. She was entertaining.

I guess really a pretty good half considering we played it without any inside scoring threat.
Spotty 3 point defense but that is the trade off of the pressing, trapping style, which is what got us the 15 turnovers

Also missed several shots at the rim

Frustrating we let them back in it, but should be pretty satisfied leading at the half with Dan only playing 4 minutes

Just looked at the stats. You are correct. 9-18 from 2 (50%). 3-14 from 3 (21%). Shooting over 70% from the line. That’s how we lost the Ga Tech game. Need to start attacking the rims.

Actually 80% from the line.

The defense was very good, but we have no discipline on the offensive end. Gabe and Bailey shooting 3’s, and we are putting up the long ball like they are layups.

I am going to be disappointed if we lose to South Carolina. They are 11-11 and not very good. Frank Martin must be one heckuva coach to get this team to 6-3 in the SEC.

SC only made 9 baskets in the half, but 5 of them were threes

Turnovers allowed us to take a lot more shots

If they clean up their game we will be in trouble

Build an 11 point lead and cough it up. Poor shot selection.

I really like this Harris kid

And 1? That was easy And 1. Automatic. Good grief.

3’s are saving SC.

You would think Lawson has shown the hogs he can knock down an open 3 why wouldn’t you guard him?
Now we have started the TO parade
Just pitiful offense and no defense during this 12-0 run for the chickens.

This team just doesn’t have that over the hump dagger moment in them. Had about 4-5 times to get this to 15-18 and run away with it. They are close but can’t do it to save their lives. Just not a blood in the water feeding frenzy team. Not at that dagger moment time. Make a exciting run, pause, exciting run, pause, exiting run, pause.

There is not a team in America can blow a lead faster than we can… it’s unbelievable. So many wide open threes because we trap every time that there’s no way they’re not going to hit some of them. So tired of seeing that!!! We should be up by about 15 points but the way this is going we’re going to choke it away. Just please stay with your man and that will stop all that stinking 3-point shooting!!