Hogs' RPI up to 2 after LSU win

Passing Kentucky.

If you prefer to drill down a little deeper, here’s Warren Nolan’s pseudo-RPI which agrees with the NCAA.

Either way, we’re gonna have two weekends of home baseball if we take care of business.

Also at Nolan, Hogs have jumped up six spots in his Elo ranking to #4. Florida has taken over the top spot there.

Boyd Nation hasn’t updated his ISR ratings since Tuesday. Hogs were #5 there. Above them were Kentucky and LSU; one is out of Hoover, we just beat the other.

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Somewhat surprised Carolina (USC-right coast) didn’t play better in Hoover. Their fans are now on their bus headed home…


Sounds like we’ll be no worse than a 4 national seed. Perhaps 5, but I’d think 2-4 is likely. Of course, I don’t know all the criteria the committee uses. I assume both Wake & Florida will be above us unless we win & UF loses tomorrow. Then they might flip us. Doubt the championship game will matter in any of their calculations.

I’m thinking 3 seed behind Florida, but 2 seed would not shock me due to better RPI. We’re no worse than a tie with LSU, being 2-2 against them with all four games away from home. Wake is clearly the 1.

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We had a chicken processing plant in Pine Bluff when I was growing up. Saw quite a few trucks like this hauling chickens. On occasion a chicken out of the cage would be riding on top. My dad always said “if they knew what I know they would fly off that truck”. 50 something years later that is still funny to me.


Well, Some from the Bluff took your Dad’s advice when they left the coop back home for the first time and flew all the way to Texas. A parent’s comment seem to have similarity to good saugion cabinet; as it acquires age it becomes deeper in relevance . The game when passing chicken haulers on a road trip was to see whose truck had the most hobo chickens…

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The loss to the Aggies dropped us back to 3rd. Remains to be seen if #4 Florida can catch us. Since they’re currently losing to Vandy, probably not (5th time the charm for both TAM and VU it seems).

Wallets lose.


Like us, I doubt they care.

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