Hogs RPI moves up to 18th

We already see the residual value of playing on the road against a team like Louisiana Tech, and in the Frisco Tournament.


I think that Louisiana Tech series will help Arkansas all year in the RPI and SOS. I think that team is really good.

Once again, as in basketball, the real RPI is available so you don’t have to rely on simulation sites like Warren Nolan. We were 17th yesterday, dropped to 20th today in spite of the win (or maybe because of it, as I suspect ULM is dragging down our SOS).


Once again, Swine, Nollan’s RPI Live updates in real time, where the other site doesn’t. And, for all intents and purposes, his site is the same as the real one (note that we are #20 in his RPI rankings today as well) . . . so who cares?

It’s kind of like providing links to other than Lunardi’s “bracketology”. ALL information is of interest. Let the reader decide which articles/links he/she weighs more than others.

And, yes, I know there is one “official” rpi. But the truth is that there is no meaningful difference in the real rpi and the one’s Nolan’s site produces. In most cases, they are virtually identical, and the differences they do have from time to time are statistically insignificant.