Hogs reportedly offer 2019 big


ESPN profile: http://www.espn.com/college-sports/bask … e-mitchell

6’9” 250 lbs…Now that’s a big… Instead of their typical 6’9” 180 pounds

Based on his offer list, looks like we’re a little late.

Prediction services say he is 100% Notre Dame pick up.
Unless we are joining the “bank bag” recruiting schools like most of the top ranked programs in college basketball then I wouldn’t expect to see this young man in a Razorback uniform.
He also has plenty of other offers from programs that will make it worth his while.

Go Hogs!

He is use to s$!~y weather so he will feel at home with
northern Indiana weather. He just needs to know to stay
on campus and not wander around South Bend.
In looking at his offer list it appears the academic side
will not be a problem.

Scotty is the lead here, They definitely have to make up ground.

Early, late - at least they are now in the ring.

Can’t get better if they don’t try.

Or be like every other competent staff in the country and start recruiting him before the end of February.


16 offers including us. There are 347 division one schools.

Assuming we have an incompetent staff, looks like there are 15 competent staffs in the country and 332 incompetent staffs, including us. Good thing is we have plenty of company.

Our staff isn’t ranked in the top 332 in the country. We could, however, compete against the bottom 15. It’s all about perspective.

Just like the football team, the basketball coaches were able to see where they need to improvement as the season progressed. The football coaches went from thinking 19-21 signees to 29 during the season after seeing who could help and who couldn’t.

There are other teams doing the same and looking for help in this reduced pool of talent.

OMG Richard, I can’t believe you actually posted that!
It doesn’t take a basketball genius to look at the Hogs roster and figure out what the needs are.
Idk if you or anyone else caught 40 Minutes of Hell last night which aired on the SEC network.
I found it interesting when it gets to the later part of the film and Arkansas has hired CMA. He and Nolan are walking in BWA and CMA tells Nolan his vision is to fill this place up again and hang another National Championship Banner at which Nolan says you’ve seen the blueprint of how to get it done.
That Roster in 94/95 in no way resembles what we have seen CMA put on the court through 8 years as HC, yet he knows what the roster blueprint needs to be?
That roster wasn’t filled with multiple guys that were NBA players, but filled with players that filled every role needed to win games and ultimately a National Championship. That roster could play big, small, uptempo, half court, full court pressure, trap, rebound, shoot. That roster had players that allowed them to play multiple styles of games and win.
It’s a great watch, but then you realize that was 25 years ago and wonder if or when we can ever have those types of teams and success again.

Go Hogs!

Wonder what that roster would cost in today’s market and slime.

Wonder what that roster would cost in today’s market and slime?

There has certainly been some roster management issues over the 8 years - some they created and some they had created for them with guys leaving.

It does take some moves to get out of the situation.

I think it has become clear during the year that the staff knows they need/have to overhaul the roster and how to go about it - even if they went into the season with zero scholarships to offer.

Jordan Phillips left, which opens up a scholarship for Justice Hill, but also put you in position of really needing to get a player (SF) like him

Up until that point, it appeared that Gafford’s would go to Hill.

It appears that Khalil Garland’s medical issue is not going to clear itself up and it will most likely be time to put him on medical redshirt.

That would open up a second scholarship, which is what I believe they thought they would likely have to give in November.

Gafford? Well, I think we all expect him to leave for the NBA, but that’s not a definite. If he does, that would open up a third scholarship.

I have been told that they want to sign 4 with two bigs.

For that to happen, at least one and maybe more will have to leave of their own accord or will have to be shown the door.

In this day and age that’s tougher because you also have to manage the APR.

So while it doesn’t take a basketball genius, it isn’t as simple as it may look to correct the program.

While many have fired the staff already for either this season or next, you still have to keep coaching and recruiting and trying to survive until you are told that.

There have been some misses but there was no way of knowing Garland’s situation until he got to the Hill. Sure didn’t expect Hall and Phillips to leave like they did.

Garland would probably be a starter or a major contributor off the bench. Hall would probably be a 8-10 point guy.

I always said Phillips had the most upside of the freshmen.

Richard and Dudley,

You guys are obviously closer to the inside of the program than any of us.
Without disclosing any info on exactly what the medical issue is with Garland do you think that he could be cleared to play at another program?
He obviously played in high school and on the AAU circuit and I’m sure he wants to play unless his issue is has been determined to be life threatening I would imagine he would want to play somewhere.

Go Hogs!

No, I do not think he would be cleared to play anywhere.

It’s my understanding the issue was found once he got here during a physical, which is obviously more extensive than the ones he was getting in high school.

Their is a ton of exasperation, frustration, vexation & resentment from Razorback fans, columnist etc on social media… So much so that former basketball player’s questioning fans loyalty.

It’s a LOVE THE COACH but HATE THE RESULTS situation. The roster is Freshmen heavy but I actually believe a transfer or 2 would allow the opportunity to infuse the PF/4 position with BETTER options and stop the Gafford + 15 - 20 three point attempts be the game plan period.

This team can go from 11th in the SEC to 2nd/3rd with the right infusion of matured talent.