Hogs remaining schedule.

Texas A&M at home. RPI 18. Seed 7
Alabama road. RPI 32 Seed 7
Kentucky at home RPI 20 Seed 9
Auburn at home RPI 4 Seed 2
Missouri road RPI 22

Looking at these remaining games I doubt if there is a team in the country that has a tougher finish. The good thing is the lack of respect the hogs have received winning 3 games in a row and dropping seed lines for the Dance is we have a chance to beat teams that are projected higher than us in every remaining game!
The hogs need to beat Texas A&M and Kentucky at home. The road game at Missouri is another game we need to win. Those are the teams we are competing with for a seed line. The Alabama road game would help too. Auburn will be tough they are quicker than us and just simply out play teams.
In my opinion we need to finish 4-1

4-1 would be great. 3-2 is my guess. I want Auburn to be one of my 3

Texas A&M, Missouri, Kentucky and Alabama are more important. Each of these teams are right around the 4 seed for the SEC tournament 4 seed that the hogs need. Beating Auburn would be a bonus. Look at the conference standings and you can see if the hogs wins aginst those teams we can climb up to the 4 spot.
Man those 2 losses to LSU and the loss to Moo U hurt right now.

I agree the others help us more but my dislike for Pearl is a close 2nd to my total disgust for Calapari. Beating Auburn is more of a feather in our cap than the others by way of their ranking. I want them and the puddy cats and a split on the road games and be happy. I expect to beat A&M

I think the Hogs should beat A@M also.

I expect, if we are lucky, we win 2 of the remaining 5 games. Without a couple of easy games to give us a break, the schedule is too tough playing 5 equal or better teams.

That is a tough schedule. The Hogs have an opportunity to make some noise.

I look for the Hogs to go on a streak and finish strong. Gafford is going to become a force. Our players are getting ready to gel into the type of team that refuses to lose. I also think Beard will all of a sudden start taking good shots. :smiley:

That’s my plan. I’m looking forward to see it unfold.


Beard has been doing a good job lately scoring and taking good shots.
I honestly think anything is possible but the hogs will win more than 2 games! That 2 out of 5 might put them on the wrong side of the bubble.

We will earn our NCAA bid with those 5 games, if we make it. No more weak sisters in that lineup. I see us losing to Bama and Missouri on the road. We play well at home… we beat A+M, then maybe Kentucky or Auburn. 2-3.

You picked it right; beating A&M which I didn’t expect, so you may know something predicting 2-3. However, with Beard shooting better and Gafford improving ever game and since we beat A&M, I think winning 2 of the next four is realistic so hopefully 3-2.