Hogs remaining games

vs. Auburn
@ Bama
@. Missouri
vs. Tennessee
@. Florida
vs. Kentucky
vs. LSU
@. Tennessee
The only game right now that’s not a
Q-1 is the Missouri game. The hogs need some Q-1 wins.
Make your picks.

This should be fun.

He said make your picks gas.

Please Mike you go ahead and pick, I don’t want to hold anyone up. I am still doing a lot of analyzing and metricsing over here. It’s go to take awhile. My analytics and statistical data machine is out of paper,


6-2 would be an excellent way to close out the regular season! 5-3 would still be good.

Machine or brain out of paper?

Oh definitely brain. My brain can’t predict these.

I know it’s going to be a highly emotional physical and mental endeavor to pull off not to mention the incredible discipline and focus it will take to manage the road portion. As for the home portion BWA is about to be under siege the rest of the way.
Sight unseen, with whatever seeding we may draw should we make the Big Dance, it will be a easier schedule than this if we win it all.

My heart says we run the table though. Although not likely. It is however a incredible opportunity before us to have a storybook regular season finish, that would undoubtedly vault us into the Tourn as a National somebody, with a really nice seeding. It would be program changer to run the table.

Our DPG D and 3 point shooting will need to be high volume and high intensity to pull it off.

Run the table.

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According to the prediction algorithms, we are predicted to win 3 (@missou, Tenn at home, LSU at home) and lose the other 5 (Aubie, @Bama, @FL, KY, @TN).

So 3-5 would be expected, but I’ll go 4-4

I think Al is pretty realistic.

vs. Auburn L
@ Bama L
@. Missouri W
vs. Tennessee W
@. Florida W
vs. Kentucky L
vs. LSU W
@. Tennessee L

I could see us beating Bama at Bama, I can see us losing to Tennessee twice. Should beat Missouri, should be Florida, but all road games are scary.

Dang that Vandy loss at home is hurting us!

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I think a month ago we would have been lucky to win two of these. We’re starting to gel the last couple of weeks. I think we will win four games not counting Auburn and Kentucky. If we can steal one of those - Five Wins.

If we just win all of our home games, we will be in fantastic shape. I could live with losing at Fla and Tenn, and for some reason Mizzou scares me more than Bama. I’ll say 6-2, with my fingers crossed. Go Hogs!

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I don’t think that’s a bad schedule for us to pick up 4 wins. I can see us getting 5. AU & KY will be tough, but those are winnable games in BWA. I can see us beating Bama. We should beat LSU at BWA & TN at BWA.

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I’m hoping we get at least four wins, five and I would be ecstatic.

vs. Auburn W
@ Bama L
@. Missouri W
vs. Tennessee W
@. Florida W
vs. Kentucky L
vs. LSU W
@. Tennessee L

5-3. I’m starting to believe we can beat bama at their place on most nights, but they probably show up when we are there.


We lose at Bama and at Tennessee…

This team is improving each week. Lykes, K Johnson and Devo making great strides as we are starting to see.

Need more consistency from Stanley Umude. Think Umude may be the x factor between making a deep run in the dance or out the first weekend…

Muss making his late season run…

Does Fla still have a player on roster from Arkansas that averages 1.5pts/gm except when they play Hogs and then he goes for 20? If not then I think we beat the Gators.

I am just worried that the teams we have played and beaten in the last 8 games may not be good gauges for the teams remaining on our schedule. Of the teams we have beaten MSU is the only one with a winning conference record. At the time I thought the win at LSU was a strong a$$ win but now they have lost 6 outta 7.Of course there are only 5 teams with winning conference records. Obviously Tue night will say a lot about where we are.

They still have Appleby from Jacksonville. Averaging 10.8 ppg and 4 dimes.

So the Hogs are 18-5 and on an 8 game winning streak. But if we don’t beat Auburn or Kentucky, kiss our Tournament chances goodbye. LSU has lost 6 of 7 but are a Tournament team Certified. And a high seed to boot. If this nonsense is remotely true, then maybe missing out on the Tournament wouldn’t be so bad.

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