Hogs remain 4th in soccer poll

Duke jumped over us to #2 after knocking off #1 FSU, and the Noles only fell to #3. Duke also jumped over us to #1 in the RPI, with FSU falling below us to #3.

What all of this means is that we have a very good chance of having NCAA home field all the way to the College Cup, and certainly the first three rounds. And we likely wouldn’t see Duke or FSU until the CC if then.

Things are certainly lined up nicely.

Now just gotta avoid the injury bug.

We’ve already been hit by the injury bug and still kept winning. Podojil was out for a while, DeFilippo is apparently out for the season and we don’t know about Tankersley (nor is Colby going to tell us).

The position where an injury would concern me is GK, and I can’t believe I’m saying that after how Hannah Warner played last spring. But the light has come on for her. The only time we’ve allowed more than 1 goal is when Duke got 2 PKs in the second half. Since then, 7 goals in 15 games.

Just gotta hold on to this until the SEC tournament and should get home field until CC!!! If we get home field that place will be lit and loud!!!

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Well now that they laid an egg at Red Stick last night, hope they go on another nice little run. Nine in a row would work. Better last night than in the NCAA, though.

Last night was a great example of a young team at home motivated by a “do or die” in continuing their season while their opponent had already packed their gear for a week at the beach. Perhaps it will be a wake-up call after struggling the past couple of matches and finally losing this one. So many wasted scoring opportunities it made you wonder if fate was wearing purple and gold. Too bad the string could not last.

Wonder how this might affect us as far as RPI and potentially hosting at home throughout until the CC starts? Any idea Swine?

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