Hogs record away from BWA

Kevin McPherson of ARHoopScoop reported that in the last 39 games away from BWA, Hogs are 18-21. Got to be one of the better records in SEC. It is time we don’t hear “can’t win on the road” crap anymore.

Yea, I seen that as well. Glad someone said it I was thinking same thing, they always talk about our road roes on the SEC Network, yet we’ve been decent on the road these last 3 years.

This site shows the narrative should change.

https://www.teamrankings.com/ncaa-baske … &group=444

True if the talking heads do their prep work and look at this site.

Amazing what better players will do for your road record. Who’d a thunk it?

Did it ever occur to anybody that CMA’s first couple of teams overachieved at home rather than underachieving on the road? Look at the rosters with the benefit of hindsight. Were those teams that should have been winning regularly at home AND getting splits on the road?