Hogs receiving votes again in AP poll

Arkansas received 4 votes today in the latest AP poll, good for #38 in the country.

SEC teams:
Tennessee #10
Missouri #16 (still behind Illinois… go figure)
Florida - 18 votes (#33)
Georgia - also 4 votes (#38)

We also received 4 votes in the Coaches poll, good for #39 (tied with SMU)

Every game my son asks, “Dad, when will we be ranked?”…… I say, “When/if we remain undefeated after the Missouri game”.

Hopefully, he’ll soon start asking, “dad are we a sweet 16 team?”

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Beat Auburn and remain unbeaten through the Missouri game! The Hogs haven’t been challenged yet!
There’s plenty of games to play and the Hogs need to earn it.

Ditto to that army. Wish we could have got that game in on the road at Tulsa. Which I think we would have won but maybe not so easily.
The men needed to be tested before Auburn.

We have an opportunity to zoom up the rankings. Just get to 11-0 (3-0 in SEC) and we’ll be a top 10 ranked team. Of course, that’s not likely and that’s assuming TN and GA don’t both lose 2 or 3 games each before we play them.

That would require them winning a toss up game (AU) and then beating the 2 hottest teams in the league in succession (MO and Tenn). Unlikely.

Tested is the word! Our hogs haven’t played a tough team yet! ORU will partial test our hogs. I hope they have to play hard and get pushed.
The SEC may not be as strong as expected but Auburn, Tennessee, Missouri, LSU and Kentucky will test them.
Roles need to be defined and the players need to continue to get use to being on the court with each other.
The addition to the roster that brought size and depth is welcomed so we may not have to watch wore out players having to close games after playing over 30 minutes. The team is still better equipped for a long season than years team.

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