Hogs Ranked 25th in CBS Top 25 and 1

https://www.cbssports.com/college-baske … ked-teams/

We were also on one of these last week but I also looked at a voters poll on NCAA basketball that the voter get scuffed up the previous poll and left us out. The majority of the the AP voters will not give the hogs respect to rank us! Just like we may earn a 4 seed for the Dance and end up with a 6 seed.

When we beat the Vols we’ll be solidly ranked…

Hope so, but didn’t happen after we beat ranked Minnesota.

You can’t use the bad loss thought for this Arizona has 3 loss and 2 of those stink a lot more than our Houston loss. It’s pure and simple. The media gives no respect to the hogs. Once we beat Tennessee don’t be surprised if we are still unranked!