Hogs pursuing top junior forward, visit in the works

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … visit-wor/

Could be wrong Senor RFD, but it seems to me like we have a shot at some legit out of state talent for 2021. They were prob too far behind when they were hired to build and make relations to give them a legit shot with those kind of guys for 2020 besides having a shot at the in state kids and maybe someone like a Bryce Thompson.

I agree. We can only judge Muss’s recruiting starting with 2021 class. I only started judging Anderson recruiting starting with the Portis class. Same applies here. Right now Muss is doing the best he can, given the late start,

PJ and Lynn that’s an intelligent way to look at things. Exactly what I expected from each of you. Reasonable expectations…

History tells you Arkansas has a hard getting out-of-state guys like this, but only time will tell with Musselman and staff. New day.