Hogs-Pokes 2024-2027

Looks like we’ve set a home and home with OSU.

https://twitter.com/RazorbackFB/status/ … 79169?s=19]

Once again the home game in a home and home is the odd year (see Texas and Notre Dame). We need odd year RRS games with Misery in LR and TAM in Jerry World, although the Jerry World contract is due to run out in 2024 and ain’t no way the Ags will renew it.

I have a theory that after 2024 Arkansas will continue the Southwest Classic at AT&T Stadium, but against other teams that used to be in the SWC. It may not be an every-year thing, but some.

With this scheduled, Arkansas needs Power 5 opponents in 2022, 2023 and 2026.

First time I’e posted something like this . . . but I hope I’m around to see these games.

Time isn’t in infinite supply as it once seemed to be.

All that personal jibber-jabber aside, a good series for us to renew.

I’m with you, Wizard. Time doesn’t seem to be “on my side,” but we never know. Do think this is a good series for Arkansas. Had been hoping they would renew that series.

The key to it is, we need to be Good when we play them again. I live to close to okla border …

II like this game it’s far more attractive than Mizzou

But now that we have no choice how do we make that stinker of a game with Mizzou worth a dam?

We get it Blue. You don’t like the Missouri series. News flash, it’s a conference game, they’re our permanent East opponent and we’re going to play them every year, so you might as well get used to it.

Back in the day, when the game was always played in Little Rock, you could count on OSU playing dirty and their fans being idiots.

The only time I saw an opposing fan get punched in the stands (sometime in the 70s) was when some drunken Cowboy fan in the south end zone threw a drink on a lady sitting behind her. First he got the hell beat out of him by the Hog fans around him, and then the cops carried him out in handcuffs.

Back in the 70’s I can remember just getting out of Stillwater safely was an accomplishment when we would kick their a… there.

I don’t feel any heat for the second school in Oklahoma more than the third or fourth in TX in TX Tech.

We are down now but I want us featured playing the best OSU like Ohio State where winning matters and it’s on the big stage.

Playing Oklahoma State, while they have had some good years, still feels like playing a cross state regional second tier to me, with little upside to our program that wants to be a big.

And if recruiting any indication, by the time this game rolls around we will be a big.

I know some see this as fun game with near state team, I just don’t feel the heat for them or care too much, but may be in minority.

It is a way to play a Power 5 opponent close to home. While it might not have the romance of some match-ups, it seems a good option to me.


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Go Hogs Go

Beat Ole Miss!

I like IT - there has to be done recuiting advantages

Good post -

The significance of these non-conference games depends on your surroundings. I grew up just this side of the Oklahoma line and the radio station in my hometown carried OU games on Saturdays. I knew a lot of OU and OSU fans in my hometown, so games against OU and OSU carry extra significance for me.

I like this series.