Hogs playing good ball at the right time of year

Haven’t heard from the " Don’t like Mike crowd " in awhile. Go Hogs jelling at the right time to make a run

Don’t jinx it

I’m in the I love my hogs and MA crowd! We won’t hear from the peanut section when our hogs win.
I thought we played well tonight. I do wish we won’t stop getting the charge call by using the off arm. The carry that was called twice tonight once it’s called the first time don’t even make it close.
The whistle was one sided and I’m surprised Bardford never drew a call they beat him to death every time he went to the hole.
The hogs are just fine ! WPS.
Beat Florida.

You weren’t here Wednesday night. They were still sniping at Mike in spite of the home win vs. OM.

Absolutely playing their best ball at the right time. Great to see

Basketball teams wanting to advance in the NCAA tourney need a big time scorer. We have multiple scorers who can score inside/out and a front court that is improving each game. We have developed a confidence in how to win different ways. Most capable team since mid '90’s.

a few weeks ago about Mike’s coaching on the court. I will stand behind what I said before, that he needed to stop double teaming point guards in the open floor on defense. And that he needed to stop pressing the entire game. And that Moses needed to stop switching onto point guards up top. Mike seems to have corrected some of these issues; I presume it was after he read my posts on this very board :wink: . Regardless, the wins have come and I am very happy. You can check my posts, though; I never supported firing CMA. We have to have tenure at the HC position to succeed long term.

Thats what I was screaming the whole 2nd half! Plain to see they wanted Kingsley out and little did they know that this team with their guards might be more dangerous with Thompson in the game with his assists! LOL!!!

Total agreement, have always been a MA fan but was questioning again what I was seeing once again! As you say, easy to see a lot of things have been corrected as in using a good zone D as a stength they play good in and carry into a man with and lose no intensity as well as the players now seem to have bought in to the what looks to me like if you play you contribute or you get more time on the bench as we have seen over the last 5 games with Kingsley a few games ago, Beard in about 3 games as well as with Cook! While guys like Thomas and Thompson have shown more minutes by excelling and it seems to have run through the team and starting the gel as they see all it takes is together and everybodys best!