Hogs Play OSU who Steamrolled MSU, who Swept the Hogs

While the Hogs have the nation’s #1 RPI, they’re likely to be an underdog to OSU. There is no batting order in P5 baseball like OSU.

The Hogs have the nation’s #11 batting average and a very nice offense, but their Batting Average and hitting pales in comparison to OSU; actually, 21 points less. You know what 21 points-con less equates to in the SEC…the SEC’s 8th batting average – MSU. And, while the Hogs are #3 nationally in Home Runs and #8 in slugging percentage, OSU is #5 in slugging percentage as they’re a double in the making.

The Hogs have 3 quality starting pitchers, yet OSU’s team ERA bests Arkansas’ by 20 points; 3:35 to 3:55.

Of course the Hogs play in the SEC and have the nation’s #2 strength of schedule, however, OSU featured the nation’s #1 non-conference RPI – one they wacked.

All season, the Hogs have shown a nice balance between their hitting and pitching; it’ll have to be solid this week to win over OSU. But, if our Hogs win this week, they’ll have plenty of proof that this wasn’t a gimme or earned via luck.