Hogs play or have played 5 of Top 13

in the initial BCS rankings and have lost to #s 1,2 and 9 (and played #9 as the last of 8 consecutive games before an off week and a visit from #11.) Brutal.

And Florida hasn’t played a team ranked in the top 25. I’m interested to see whether that makes a difference Saturday. My hunch is that Arkansas will benefit from the competition it has faced.

I agree with you, Matt. If we can establish physicality from the beginning, I think we can have them on their heals. A good game plan, especially on D, gives us the edge. Can we do it? I truly believe the desire will be there, and our experience with top teams will have us prepared in front of a wild hog crowd. Woo Pig…

It didn’t work out too good for us either…not only did we lose, we lost BAD to these 3. We’ve got a long way to go to get to the upper echelon of the SEC-W and it starts with CBB’s recruiting…, but I believe we’ll get there eventually…just a long way to go right now. Our fans are finally starting to realize the importance of recruiting…

We can cry and/or brag about such a brutal schedule but it’s a reality of being in the SEC West and isn’t going to change anytime soon. At some point we have to become a Big Boy team and beat most of them or continue to put our hat on getting stomped by so many highly ranked teams and remain hopeful it will impress whoever is listening to our pain.

We have played a tough schedule and we were not playing #9 A&M as a the #10 ranked team. The disparity was the same for Bama. AU was terrible but some of you guys have lost your friggin minds over AU beating. At some point you have to recognize you’re not going to make our players better and coaches better because you bit(h and moan on here all the time.

Who cried or tried to impress anyone or bragged or said we didn’t have to learn how to beat them, Internet tough guy?

It was an observation. We had one of the toughest stretches I’ve seen in awhile. That’s it.

I’ve always noticed that “Internet tough guy” response when there’s little ability to respond. It was an observation about our fan base and team. You broached the subject, “sensitive internet guy”.

Good job on last word

PIG, if you go back to my original response I was talking “we” and “our” team/fans (that includes myself). It wasn’t directed to you per say, just something we all seem to cling to about how tough a schedule we play. It’s certainly true but hopefully sometime in the not too distant future we’ll have a team that pounds the tough schedule into the ground.

Fair enough. Thanks for the explanation. My response was less than mature. My apologies.

I like what you bring to the board, that just got headed down the wrong rail…

It’s a brutal schedule and has been for years. Those Eastern division team’s schedules look positively Sunbeltish by comparison. Is there a team in the country that could run the gauntlet we are running without a loss? I don’t think so. Maybe Alabama because they couldn’t play themselves, but who else?

Agreed. The toughness of our schedule isn’t an excuse. It’s a reality that has to be factored into the evaluation of our results. Our 5 SEC wins in 8 games last season came against teams that were a combined 40-23. It’s not exactly the case that we haven’t been beating good teams in the SEC. One of the losses was to the NC. We’ve had few teams in our history that would go 7-1 or 6-2 against that slate. Bama, by far the best team in college football over the last decade, hasn’t even made it unscathed through the SEC since 2009.