HOGS picked 4th in West by SEC Media



Alabama (225) 1683
Auburn (13) 1329
LSU (4) 1262
Arkansas (1) 796
Texas A&M 722
Mississippi State 633
Ole Miss 379

Ragnow 1st Team
Allen 3rd Team

I’d take it

I think we finish tied for second.

I do not get the LOVE for MSU and Ole Miss… We have beaten Ole Miss at there best the past 3 years! And MSU I just don’t see where all the LOVE is coming from…

This is fair considering what any outsider sees in our Oline from last year. Nobody seems to trust the defense but most of us know it can’t get much worse than the last 2 years.

I think we could be 3rd in the West.

OBVIOUSLY the media has no LOVE for the Miss teams either. MSUX is 6th and Ole Piss a DISTANT 7th… I think 4th gives us just enough respect, but enough of a chip on our shoulder to play MAD!!!

They’re picked last and next to last.

What’s your definition of “love”?

SEC network and other media…

That is who did the voting…SEC Media.


I thought the SEC Media picked them 6th and 7th.