Hogs picked 2nd in SEC + NSJ named 1st-team All-SEC

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I think we’ll have a few more on the post-season team.

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For the first time, I can’t argue much about those 10 picks. Oscar is the obvious pick for any award they want to dish out. I wish we could have picked him up in the portal to play alongside Brazile! A Natty almost assured! Anyway, I just woke up from my dream.

The only things I would change:

If they were going to put a freshman on the 2nd team, it should have been AB (Cardinal glasses on) or Cason Wallace (Cardinal glasses off), not Brandon Miller. Wheeler on the first team is a reach. Honestly, I’m really happy Wheeler came back. I think he hurts KY in big games with all his TOs. Yes, he gets lots of assists, but his assist to TO ratio is mediocre at best, especially in big games.

Otherwise, they did a good job picking this pre-season. Post season, I look for Smith, Brazile, and AB to be on the 10 man All SEC teams.

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