Hogs overall #31 seed

Nice accomplishment for this team to be in the top half of the draw. Perhaps we should have thrown the game against Vandy. They are the #33 seed and appear to have a better draw than we do in terms of chances for a deep run. Like our last trip Arkansas is in the region that is clearly the most loaded. Oh, to get to Memphis.

Listening to college basketball talking heads, it’s as though the only SECT game that mattered was the final.

I do not understand pitting us on North Carolina’s side of the bracket, when we played them in the tournament two years ago. A little variety, please.

Saw some talking heads on ESPN last night. The consensus was that Seton Hall would beat us in the first round.

UNC is very good, but I’d rather play a team that we’ve played recently (Manny, Moses and Hannah’s remember, although Hannah’s didn’t play) than a team we haven’t played. There’s some comfort in that.

Also, We do get the chance to end up in Memphis on the backend if we pull the upset, which would be the ultimate on both accounts. Very, very doubtful, but pull that upset over UNC and anything becomes possible.

Obviously, we don’t get there if we overlook SH. That’s the only game that matters right now.

UNC is just a bad matchup for us. Nevermind that, should we be fortunate enough to advance over the Pirates, the draw has now funneled us to a second-round matchup with UNC for our third straight trip to the NCAAT. Some advantages that this team might have against higher seeds are negated against UNC, the primary one being our depth. Roy Williams’ teams aren’t terrors on defense. On a given night we might match them shot-for-shot. Of course, Seton Hall is a major roadblock for that to be of any concern at all.