Hogs open +15 vs Missouri

Seems like a lot, but it’s nice to be respected.


Early line for SEC Championship game is Alabama +4.

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This is a no brainer … take the Hogs AND the points! :wink:

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In less than two years, we have gone from underdog in every SEC game to a 15 point favorite!! Wow! Love it!!


That is a lot.

But we have earned it, don’t you think?

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I wish, getting points would make me reconsider my rule against betting on ark games. -14.5 on Sportsbook.ag.

This team was favored to beat LSU at Baton Rouge and now a 15 pt favor in an SEC game. This in just 2 seasons and the first one was really screwed up. I wish the game started with AR 15 and MO 0, but it don’t work that way. Got to go out and do it on the field where it counts.

Speaking of counting, there are some folks who have made some money on the Hogs. In these two years, how many SEC games have they failed to cover? I don’t pay attention to this like I use to, but it is a high percentage.

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I’m surprised it’s that high, but I’m glad it is. I would not be surprised if we win by much more, however. It’s an SEC opponent who has played quite well over the past 4-5 games, but it’s been against lesser opposition. We’ve played well against better teams—although LSU isn’t playing to it’s potential

This is where we want to be

I think it’s too much after a Bama game with injuries on a short week

I guess that Bama game and last three wins left an impression with Vegas

So glad to see a stronger Arkansas

Still I’m hoping for a blowout win with scores by offense running and throwing

Defense by INT and Fumble scoop and score

Special teams return and field goal

Hoping Arkansas scores over 50 points and Mizzou no more than 9


Time to do some WOMPIN.

Our run defense is our strong suit. Contain Badie and make Bazelak beat us (Harold Horton’s grandson is still playing WR for Misery, BTW).

I want to win by forty… MO has zero respect for us and it’s time to flip the script.

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