Hogs one of three finalists for Embery

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Will Mr. Simpson join Keyshawn on the visit?

Yes. He and his wife. It’s in the column but I miss stuff like that too.

Any updates on his visit?

I’m curious as well, haven’t seen a single update on him, not even a confirmation he’s up here. Nothing on his twitter either.

Anything on his visit?

Radio silence from all of Arkansas’ media on his visit. Only thing we’ve heard is RD confirmed he left Sunday morning.

I don’t know if it’s been a busy weekend for all of Arkansas’ media with the football season starting and haven’t had time to check on his visit, or if there’s a reason why they can’t give any details on the visit, but nobody has said anything. Even Kevin McPherson who strictly does basketball, has pretty much ignored all questions about Embery and just been talking about other basketball recruits.

Richard did talk about this on the Razorback Nation Pig Trail show last night, especially his visits to A&M and West Virginia. I will let Richard post what he said.

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Here’s the link to that. Didn’t say much other than he visited and will visit 2 other schools. Looked uncomfortable talking about it, just from that body language looks like Hogs chances are slim at best. This visit has got me really curious, I’ve never seen such silence after any visit like this football or basketball. Something obviously went very sideways and nobody wants to talk about it, I seen people tweeting and asking Keyshawn how the visit went he won’t even respond.

It’s very simple.

He has yet to answer the phone or texts for anybody.

It’s not that everybody has been too busy or there is something to hide.

The young man simply hasn’t made any comments to anybody as of yet.

Surely there are more sources to a typical recruiting story than just what comes out of the recruit’s mouth. Everybody knows to take an 18yo words for what they are worth, and that’s why we are always interested in others’ opinions on how things went too. Usually there are many sides to a recruiting story. It is odd this time we got 0.

All we have heard about this is what we already know. A player was arrested. Then everybody is acting super weird about the recruiting trip. Just makes one wonder even more about what happened… At some point it seems some sort of reporting on what went down will have to come out just to quite all the speculation. All the curiosity and speculation can’t be good for the recruitment of our other targets.

I wouldn’t try to interpret “silence” too much one way or the other. Even if he hated the place, he could easily have just given the standard “I had a great time” response and thrown all the Arkansas stuff into the trash can.

Who is acting super weird?

The kid - who I have called twice today - has just not answered.

I don’t think he’s referring to you in particular but just in general. I had the same feeling as well as others. It just seemed like the visit was super quiet and nobody was commenting on anything. Usually, you guys, or at least another member of Arkansas media will give updates throughout the visit, there was none of that for Embery. At the very least, we’d get a “So and So has made it up and is enjoying the visit so far.”

Then after the visit, which ended Sunday morning, usually most of the media sources have a story up by that evening we didn’t hear anything at all. Not even from Kevin McPherson who tweets just about any little thing about the basketball recruits. I seen fans tweeting and asking him for an update, and he wasn’t responding, that’s very unlike him, he usually responds pretty quickly and people over at Hogville was asking him and RD about it and nobody received an answer. I asked RD over here about it, and he just simply said he left Sunday morning. I even seen another fan tweeting Embery asking how the visit went and he didn’t respond.

With that said, your first post explained it all, he just hasn’t been returning anyone’s calls, that makes sense, we were just wondering what we going on, and hoping the Cook situation didn’t negatively affect the visit, usually not this quiet when a top 100 recruit is on campus. But, looks like McPherson finally got a hold of his adoptive father/AAU coach and posted that interview on twitter.

No not you Dudley. I mean the silence is weird. And folks like Blu and me and just the few die hard basketball recruting fanatics that get into this kind of thing can start to get weird about it, with the speculation… and i worry if the other recruits can start to get a weird feeling from it too.

but then again i have to respect the other side of things if there were basketball players involved with dickson street activities that lead to an arrest of one player, then it is not really in the interest of anyone even a little involved or informed of the situation to offer up much more than radio silence to the public until the due process plays out in courts probably.

i am sure the program is in good hands managing the messaging with the fallout from a little dickson street shenanigans arrest. i personally had had high hopes for cook in the rotation this year. but however it works out i just look forward to the conclusion of this little early fall saga so we can get some clarity on our recruting situation for 2018 and look forward to PK18. sooner the better.

Blu, I saw the comments from McPherson, I don’t think it bodes well for us. The one comment that stood to me and gave me that opinion was Embery was moving his visit date to aTm to this weekend so he can go with his “close” friend, Josh LeBlanc. To me that’s a bad sign, especially when no one else (reporters) can reach him.

Yea, I’m not feeling as good about Embery as I did before his visit. We’ll see what happens.

My first thought was if the kid had a great visit, then he would be excited to talk to the media of the school he just visited. That seems to happen most of the time. The silence, combined with the events of the weekend would lead some to conclude that things didn’t go well. Then, on top of that, Embery and LeBlanc going to A&M together next weekend. All of that makes a good circumstantial case that doesn’t bode well for us. But, that’s all just a hunch. We will see. We certainly don’t need to lose these 2 highly rated players to a conference competitor.

I saw that tweet from McPherson about Embery moving up his A&M visit date to coincide with LeBlanc’s. But without doing research, I sort of remember that the two always planned to go to A&M together. In fact we were complaining that they were visiting A&M together, but not Arkansas.

Embery and LeBlanc were actually scheduled to visit Arkansas together on Aug 25th, Embery transferred schools and move in day was that weekend so he had to reschedule, they were never scheduled to visit A&M at the same time, until now.