Hogs on SECN tomorrow at 3:00?

Thought I heard them say that on SEC Now?

I was able to watch tonight’s game and others in the past, on the SEC online site. That’s a nice feature I wish they would do more often.

Official baseball schedule shows 2:00 Central on SECN+ (streaming online).


SEC Now is gonna give you times in Eastern. Which is useful for me in NC, or the five SEC schools in the Eastern time zone, not so much in Arkansas.

Guide has Ga spring game on then…

Game is on the SEC+ channel. I have to stream the game through the ESPN app.

Right I will watch on my computer as usual.I like it when we’re on TV but I’ve grown accustomed to the computer doesn’t bother me.

It’s worth the $50 to get a streaming device and watch on your TV. The SECN+ adapts to my living room TV as well as any other channel. I don’t even realize I’m streaming anymore.

Matt i have heard of that what do you use and is it hard to set up?

My granddaughter bought me a ROKU (premium/premier?) that came with the ESPN family of channels, including SECN and SECN+. It was just a one time purchase of $49? No monthly fee at all and it comes in very clear on the TV, even if you have poor viewing on the computer. Pretty easy set-up if you have cable, Directv, U-verse, etc along with internet svc and WiFi. I love it. I watch nearly all Razorback sports on ESPN’s SECN+. Softball, baseball, early season basketball, etc.

Thanks I will check into it,pretty technolgy challenged but I may can figure it out LOL

We have a Roku Premiere+ and an Amazon FireTV stick in our house. We really like both devices. It’s very easy to set up as long as you have a TV with an HDMI port.

Every game, save a few each year, is on SEC+ so you should be able to watch 95% of our games. Every SEC game is streamed on SEC+ you are talking about, so you should be able to watch all 30 SEC games.