Hogs OL to be sponsored by bbq

Oh the humanity. How will I ever enjoy watching college football ever again?

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The important question is how much will BBQ go up at Wright’s now?

Probably to whatever the market is willing to pay.

The Wright family are good folks. Neighbors to my late niece. Fed us well during our tough times.


Yep, they gave away a lot of free meals to people during the height of Covid.


Jordan and Amber Wright are good friends. Amber worked with my wife for many years at a pediatric therapy center in Johnson. She is/was a dynamite speech therapist. Jordan had the food trailer, usually parked at Joyce and 265. Amber finally left the therapy job to help Jordan launch the restaurant at Johnson. They have both worked long, hard hours. That’s the only way you make something like that work.

I recall years ago going to the company Christmas party with Jordan cooking for all of us - therapists and spouses. He would talk to me about his dream of opening a restaurant. It is just wonderful to see what they have done.

Back to Jean Ann, she loved working at All Aboard. She ran the front desk for 10 years after retiring from teaching.

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And, unfortunately, it will be the downfall when they stop working that hard. Every great restaurant falls because of this.

The catering end of it is at an unbelievable level.

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I know all about the hours involved with family owned restaurants. They are many, long, and hard.

Yep. Food quality and consistency, and great service, is everything. No one can ensure that but the folks that are truly invested in it. One of my best friends does it. Every morning up at 4:15. He works his a** off, manages 30+ people. Makes good money, but he’s beaten down many days.

Hopefully the Wright’s BBQ business continues to flourish & the offensive line endorsements will in turn grow their business & profits. Based on Clay’s comments, sounds like they are good & hard working people. I applaud them for doing their part in helping to promote & support the Razorbacks. I will definitely make Wright’s BBQ a destination next time I’m in Fayetteville.

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Yeah, I don’t see this as a big exchange of money, as Jordan has added the QB’s, WBB team, and several DL. It’s definitely giving both Wright’s and the athletes some exposure, which is good for both. As to his BBQ, the brisket is the best I’ve ever had, his side dishes are real good, too. He’s definitely a big supporter of the program, and the program uses his catering services, too.

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Where are they located. I will most certainly give them a try. This is what it will take to keep our program competitive.

Johnson, AR, and they’ve opened up a place in Bentonville.

Wright’s BBQ is soooo good. Glad to know when I eat there I’m helping fund the Hogs!

Me too!
UA…Campus of Champions

Every time I’ve driven by the one in Johnson on game weekends they had a line way out the door if they were open, which kept us from stopping to eat.

Maybe I will have better luck with the Bentonville location, which would be closer to the places we usually stay anyway.

The Bentonville location is pretty limited in seating (and especially parking). The seating is almost all outside. I normally go and get take-out during off-peak hours and don’t have a problem getting in and out pretty quickly. It might be a different story during peak hours. Honestly don’t know.

They have the best brisket, I’ve ever ate.

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